Formation of Environmental Agents

Empowering youth communities through training in environmental technologies, providing them with subsidies so they can become change makers. The project intends to to encourage proactivity and a sense of full citizenship so that they would promote the knowledge gained through their own initiatives by developing environmental management projects in their own community.

The goal

In the first phase of the project's, several workshops and technical visits were organised, informing the project participants about topics such as environmental knowledge, composting, urban agriculture, collaborative games and education and communication.

In the second phase, the participants developed their own projects. The First Free Environment Conference of Grota-do-Surucucu was held. In a participatory way, the relevant themes related to the environment of the community were selected and a list of priority actions has been voted. Out of this diagnosis, three Working Groups (WG) were created.

working groups
- WG Plan of Garbage Collection; the participants wrote a proposal from the point of view of the residents;
- WG Environmental Education; to promote events to raise awareness and involve the residents;
- WG Medicinal Plants; to install a garden of medicinal plants in a school.


Environmental Agents - ECOmAGENTE

In 2010 the Environment in Movement Institute conducted outreach activities in the Grael Project in Niteroi, starting at this time to act in the cove of Jurujuba. In 2012 this partnership was fruitfull in Clean Water Project in Schools, in which EMI developed the pedagogical proposal and conducted theater pieces, workshops, exhibits about marine debris in this community. In 2013 the proposal gained a new face with a course of training young actors in the region Grota-do-Surucucu.

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