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Robin Hood Project

Aims to promote in poor communities environmental awareness through art education. This project involves more than 30 000 people in 5 different countries, creating cores groups who promote sustainability in their own communities.

Coral Platform

Corals is a platform for developing collaborative projects. Like a coral reef offers favorable infrastructure for different forms of marine life, this platform aims to proliferate collaborative projects that contribute to the common good.

Educative Audiovisual Production

Propõe-se a produção de mídias educativas como séries audiovisuais, materiais radiofônicos, documentários e programas televisivos, todos tendo a temática ambiental como pano de fundo aliando entretenimento a conteúdo.

Environmental Agents

Empowering young people from several communities through training in environmental technologies and through providing subsidies for them to become change makers. The objective is to stimulate proactivity and a sense of full citizenship, through supporting their own initiatives in which they develop environmental management projects in their community.

Educative Game Developing

Development of educational games by young and independent programmers, originated from their own ideas and creations and managed by a pedagogical coordinator. We sought to combine entertainment with a social and environmental content, offering fun and talking about values at the same time.

Courses and Workshops​

Environmental Education, Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship, Permaculture, Agroforestry, Game Developing, Environmental Sciences, Urban Farming.

Theater Pieces​

The plays explore the interaction with the audience, building concepts participally when using the combination of entertainment, environmental knowledge and music and audiovisual projections.

Center for Sustainable Rural Development

The center conducts research and promotes technical and scientific knowledge in support of sustainable agriculture, better efficiency, lower environmental and social impact, aimed at improving the quality of life in rural areas.


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