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Theater Pieces

We believe that theater is an instrument for the mobilization of new partnership models. It causes community engagement in decision-making processes, through the characterization of the common problems which results in initiatives for possible resolutions. Combining this principle to the concept of education based on critical theory, which is premised on the conflict, the power relations are fundamental in the construction of meaning in their spatial organization in multiple determinations. The Environment in Movement Institute believes in the paxis, in which reflection supports a creative practice and this practice gives elements for a new understanding of the world, as in the words of Paulo Freire, praxis means "the action and reflection of men about the world in order to transform it".

"From the Beginning to End of the Wolrd" 

This theater play is mute and uses the comedy to propose a reflection on humanity and its relationship with nature over time. The story has two funny characters, an Early Man and a nowaday’s boy. In the interaction of primitive values with the knowledge of modernity, represented by the characters, themes such as the emergence of life, the civilization process, tribalism, barter, natural resources, mass manipulation and possible solutions to environmental issues today are addressed. The presentation is divided into three acts: Creation, Destruction and Awakening. This presentation is plenty of fun and it is accompanied by a soundtrack featuring traditional Brazilian rhythms and songs. The presentation culminates in the importance of Brazil in the environmental context of the present world.

The dirty Frog

This play is about the Dirty Frog’s Realm, a big polluted lake. Dirty Frog was actually not guilty for the pollution, as the Evil Duck polluted the whole lake. Now the Frog’s Realm needs help… so the audience helps cleaning the lake, plant trees and bring the animals back.

The Boy and the Rock

The play tells the story of a boy who talks first with a stone that takes him througth a journey along the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms. In a mix of enchantment and fun, the boy learns about the soil’s formation, the emergence of life and the relationship between plants and animals. He discovers a whole new world where things can talk.

Mind Genius

one kid finds the magic lamp, in which a genius appears and offers to fulfill 3 wishes. The first wish asked by the kid is to have infinite wishes, so the kid becomes very happy but while the desires start being fulfilled, the kid sees that the genius is not an usual genius: this genius has the power of showing all impacts of the kid’s desires.

Super Waste Picker

It deals with recycling and the importance of the waste pickers, their history, their struggle for dignity. The play finishes with a workshop on how to build musical instruments from trash.

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