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This serie has been designed under the standards of viewing videos from internet channels, with a rapid and funny language. It aims at reporting the day-to-day experiences of the educators Jay Marinus and Lucas Sielski. The series shows the unusual situations in their lives as social and environmental entrepreneurs. The first season of the series shows the duo of educators who traveled with the Robin Hood Project to Uganda, South Africa, India and Thailand, during the period of October 2011 to March 2012. Lucas and Jay had to face many setbacks to take the project forward: inhospitable places, wildlife, disgusting bathrooms and unknown cultures.

Micróbios Uganda - Mission Complete!

Micróbios India - Mission Complete!


Micróbios Uganda - Tradicional Music

Micróbios Uganda - Facilities


Micróbios South Africa - Ghandi Backpackers


Micróbios Uganda - Bye Muzungu

The Microbios

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