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30 000 people benefited in 5 countries with Environmental Education Activities
The goal

To promote environmental awareness through the creation of Centers Multipliers, according to local and global needs,; to motivate, engage and empower people in Environmental Education and Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship; to build strategies to intervene in their communities by promoting an alternative to the current movement patterns of developmen.


In the period between 2007 and 2010 the project was developed in schools in Curitiba and metropolitan areas. In every school, the plays " The Boy and the Rock" and " The Super - Collector", were performed, altogether benefiting to 4,000 people. In 2010 the project received an award from the British Council and started its first national tour, performing in five Brazilian states for over 6,000 people. At the same time, two more theater pieces were created: " The Frog who washed its feet" and " The Genius Mind". After this, the first invitations to perform internationally came, and after the fundraising process in 2011 and 2012 the project was performed in Uganda, South Africa, India and Thailand, , benefiting to over 10,000 people. It included the promotion of training courses in Innovative Environmental Education, Permaculture and the founding of local cores that will continue to spread environmental knowledge. In 2013 the project took a larger scale with the "From the Beginning to End of the World", accompanied by didatical material, in the form of a digital game with the same name. The program reached approximately 10 000 people in one year in over 15 cities in 6 states. In order to stimulate communities to become change makers, a course in Innovations in Education and Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship has been held.


* Brazilian States benefited by Robin Hood Project.

Fundraising - Income Distribution

The purpose in allusion to the british legend, is to raise funds from potential contributors and beneficiaries by conducting remunerated activities and donations. In a further step, it will help to contribute to the expansion of the project in the areas of social and environmental vulnerability.

Methodology for Environmental Formation Cores

Theater Plays , Story Telling, Educative Games, Artistic Interventions, Lectures


Courses, workshops, trainnings according to the core's aptitude


Consulting, Action Plans, exchanges, events 


Third Edition
Robin Hood Brazil - 2013

This project found place from 27th july to 1st november of 2013. The team visited more than 15 cities in 6 different Brazilian states, performing several actions including the campaign "From the Beginning to End of the World", the lecture "A Grandiose Play " and the Course "Innovations in Education and Entrepreneurship".



• 7000 spectators;

• 25 organizations visited: schools, villages, shelters, orphanages;

• 15 cities covered in the states of Paraná, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro, Espirito Santo and Bahia;

• Conduction of 7 lectures of the play "A Grandiose", benefiting to 240 people;

• Conduction of 2 courses "Innovations in Education and Social and Environmental Entrepreneurship", benefiting to 40 people;

• Creation of a blog

• 8 interviews in the media;

• New partnerships: Voice of Nature, Tamar, Ecologic Institute Lunar Maria;

• Founding of 3 local cores: SP, ES, BA.



Second edition
Robin Hood Africa - Asia

In 2011 and 2012, the Robin Hood Project was replicated in Uganda, South Africa, India and Thailand. It directly benefited to over 10,000 people. Self-sufficient cores that continue to promote environmental education in their communities were founded.


First Edition
Robin Hood Brazil

Since 2007 we promote environmental education activities in underserved communities through our environmental theater plays. In 2010, Lucas Sielski, one of our members, was awarded the 2010 Climate Generation Program of the British Council. With their support, the project reached over 10,000 children, youth and adults in five Brazilian states of Paraná, São Paulo, Minas Gerais, Rio de Janeiro and the Federal District.

Robin Hood Project

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