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Courses and Workshops


The Environment in Movement Institute has a team of professionals in Education, Agronomy, Engineering and Biological Sciences, who offer the following courses:


- Environmental Education

- Educommunication

- Collaborative and Cooperative Games

- Social and Environmental Technologies

- Environmental Expertise;

- Engineering of Landfills:

- Environmental Permit;


- Elaboration of the Environmental Impact Study;

- Environmental Engineering of Cemeteries;

- Environmental Law;

- Permaculture and Agroforestry;

- Ecological Cooking;

- Mini Gardens.

Environmental Education Course - Uganda 2011.

Inovations on Education and Environmental



This course was taught several times in Brazil and in other countries overseas like India and Uganda. The focus is on stimulating environmental education projects in communities by local multipliers,through giving them strategies to raise awareness and popular mobilization. The local groups were founded by self-sufficient core participants who continue to promote environmental education in their communities in their countries.


- The Environment in Movement Institute’s vision about environmental education;

- Steps of the Creative Process: Diagnosis, Construction and Implementation

- Entertainment and Content , the " key to success " ;

- Educommunication : Audiovisual Production , Radio Production phonics and theater plays ;

- Formation of Environmental Agents : The example of the Ecomagente Project in Rio de Janeiro’s slum;

- Workshops and dynamics: the importance of psychomotor activity ;

- Social and Environmental Technologies : using didactics on worm farms, vertical gardens , tree nurseries, pet bottle warmers, and much more.

- Use and Development of Collaborative Games: from theory to practice, from design to programming;

- Environmental Education in the universe of the Internet: using collaborative Internet platforms to develop projects;

- Entrepreneurship and international environmental cooperation: Project Robin Hood Brazil, Africa and Asia;

- Regional Integration, Cultural and Creative Economy Broadcasting.



To provide instruments in environmental education (EE) in order to spread content through different types of languages ​​for different target audiences. With the aim of promoting the integration of the environmental discourse in different levels of society, the course offers a study on the didatical tools that environmental educators have at their disposal for such a task. The focus on entrepreneurship is seen as the need to plan for integrated needs of each reality actions



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